SubSeaFiberWatch is a comprehensive monitoring and alert system for submarine power and telecom cables. This non-invasive system can be installed on new or existing cables that are currently in service throughout the submarine cable industry.

Our system will utilize either a customer’s dark or lit fiber within the submarine cable. By utilizing a wavelength outside of the range of the existing carrier signal, the software is able to monitor the cable without interfering with the existing network traffic.

A dedicated laser constantly monitors your fiber network providing real-time data to our monitoring software. Any type of optical event or anomaly is instantly reported to our network center for immediate analysis by our local fiber technician residing in Washington State.

A response determination based upon the optical attenuation reported by the monitoring laser will be made to further investigate the fault:

  1. Using the as-built drawings of the subsea-link, our system will pinpoint and report exactly where the anomaly/fault lies on the seabed. This report is generated and emailed to a predetermined list of email accounts.
  2. At the time of the event, the system references marine vessel traffic database to provide positioning of all known ships (with transponders) in and around the cable area. This information is summarized and included in an emailed report.
  3. Utilizing dedicated cameras installed onsite at the cable landing(s); our system generates a report including photos of the cable landings at the time of the fault/network event.
  4. If all listed indicators point to a true cable fault; our technician will initiate launch of the pre-programmed inspection drone. The drone is housed at or near the cable land-fall and is quickly dispatched to the fault location as determined by the optical monitoring report and the as-built drawing calculation.  The drone already has the entire cable route entered into its onboard navigation system. Our system updates the flight plan to generate a focused inspection path to specifically investigate and document the vessel/marine activity in and around the cable fault area.

See Photos of subsea cable installations below