• Considering all of the current Waveguide director and employees history, we have over 80 years experience in sub sea cable installation. All of the pictures on this site are direct history of projects completed in the United States or internationally.
  • SubSeaFiberWatch is born from the need to maintain and preserve the functionality of your network, ensuring any unforeseen incident is tracked real time.


  • Do you currently know what type of fishing is occurring atop of your network? How about construction in and around your submerged plant? Do you have a video log to review? You have spent millions to install this critical link in your network, shouldn’t you be aware of threats to it?
  • Did you know that anchor entanglement is only the first stage of the event? Historically, its the recovery of the same anchor that causes the damage and creates the outage.
  • Before any failure event SubSeaFiberWatch gathers data to further analyze marine activity over your sub sea cable. In addition to setting up a video surveillance system to establish a baseline for normal marine activity (Dynamic Desktop Study).


  • Our system uses a continuous laser waveform to analyze the cable in real-time. Our custom software identifies the fault along the cable route including the marine survey water depth and bathymetry chart of the cable fault. Then takes a snapshot of the registered vessel transponders in and around your cable field.
  • In addition to CCTV landfall monitoring, SubSeaFiberWatch offers the most advanced system of its kind – Drone dispatch upon identifying a potential culprit.